Gordon’s Pear and Chocolate Cheesecakes
Makes 6 – 8 approx 2 1/2 inch individual cakes



* 100ml Double Cream
* 100g Cream Cheese
* 40g Sugar
* 1/2 Vanilla Pod
* 50g diced poached pears
* 50g grated dark chocolate, with extra for garnish
* 1 pear, peeled and quartered for serving
* Caster sugar for sprinkling


* 50g White Chocolate
* 25g Cocoa Butter
* 65g Chocolate spread
* 125g Paillette Feuillantine (special patisserie’s sweet flakes) or Crushed biscuit crumbs

* Caramel sauce to serve (optional)


For the base melt the chocolate, and cocoa butter together. Add the chocolate spread, mix then fold in the crumbs/flakes.
Spread on a sheet of greaseproof paper and place another sheet of greaseproof paper on top. Using a rolling pin, roll and
flatten out the mix to form a thin biscuit crust. Cut into the base with individual cutter moulds and leave to set in the
fridge on a flat tray for about 30 minutes.

In a large bowl add the cream, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Whisk until it is quite thick and doesn’t drop. Fold in the
diced pears and grated chocolate.

Using a piping bag, pipe the filling into the moulds and even off at the top using a palette knife. Leave to set for about
10 – 15 minutes.

Finally, lightly scatter caster sugar over the fresh pear quarters and caramelise with a kitchen blowtorch. Serve each
individual cheesecake with a garnish of golden pear and a little grating of chocolate. Drizzle with a caramel sauce for
those with an extra sweet-tooth!