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...being the inane ramblings of a mundane Yorkshire bird.

It’s Wakefield Acorn Show tomorrow!

I have 12ft of table space, upon which I will be attempting to fit:

  • The BBC Domesday System
  • A multi-slice MDFS linking up the stand Beebs with Econet
  • A ‘New Stuff’ BBC Master equipped with CF card drive and Sprow’s ARM7 copro (plus anything else I can find)
  • An ‘unpimped’ BBC Master for games and stuff (yes indeed, there will be Elite and Chuckie Egg!)
  • A BBC Micro with EPROM burner and probably some other bits inside too

If any other stands want Econet I’ll be able to provide a spur over (I’m taking the stuff with me this time, *cough*).

Come and say hello, take photos, touch the Domesday, and all that 🙂

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  1. Matches & firewood permitted?

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