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Every year Wrenthorpe village has a show where there are lots of prizes for things like biggest onion, tastiest chocolate cake, etc. There’s an entire section on photography including classes such as “Humour”, “The Human Face”, “A Water Scene”, etc. The prizes themselves aren’t anything to write home about – odds and ends of donated vouchers, things vaguely relating to the class (a photo frame for instance) and a bit of cash to buy a pint with.

Anyway, last year I was double-booked to do something else and never got chance to enter (or rather I just didn’t get my bum into gear to sort it). This year I sorted out a few photos, got them printed on 12×8 matt finish, guillotined them so that they fit in the maximum A4 size and popped down on Saturday at 9am to enter. I didn’t really expect to win anything after I entered in 2006 and got nowhere.

Yowsa! I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d won:

So frankly, colour me absolutely amazed.

I didn’t win the “Best In Show” for the photography, but the winner was very very good – a student chap called Joshua who had a wonderful black and white photo of a young girl. Very nice indeed, but I’m still dead chuffed I actually got something and even got to give out some of my Moo Cards!

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  1. nice one!

    deserving of wins though, good shots 🙂

    I need to print more of mine out, sigh…

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