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The next chapter in ‘End Of An Era’ seems upon us – Wood’s Music Shop which has been in Wakefield for 60 years are at the end of their lease on the Cross Street/Wood Street premises. They haven’t identified any new premises yet so it’s looking like they will close for good at the end of July. It’s the last Wood’s shop in existence – once upon a time there were branches everywhere.

So, they’re having a 30%-off-everything sale at the moment. Although the instruments tend to be more school-level than anything really pro (and quite overpriced in comparison to Trad Music and such) you can find some bargains. I’ve picked up a couple of lighting controllers and PAR64/PAR56 stuff, and Nicky has already bought some sheet music. It would not surprise me if there were better bargains to be had as time trots on either.


  1. I really don’t want woods to close down as it is the closest near my house.

  2. Does anyone know whether Woods managed to get rid of all of their stock? I have a sheet music shop and might be interested in buying up their leftovers. I know how tough it is being left with dead stock.

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