My Palm TX started causing me issues on the digitiser a month or two back: namely it doesn’t work, or it only senses at the bottom of the digitiser thinking it’s the top of the screen.

Despite some rather useful links, cleaning around it, installing ‘fix software’, etc. it’s refusing to work although I haven’t had the back off yet (need a torx 5 and the smallest I have is an 8).

Does anyone have a Palm TX which the digitiser works on please, and which they wouldn’t mind parting with? The annoying thing is that the Palm runs my TomTom install, and has the extra maps on which I can’t transfer… thus if it’s properly broken, it will be an expensive outing to sort out!

Edit: I took the back off, and it appears to be something pressing on the back of the digitiser. Whether that means it’s a loose connection or just the digitiser being too compressed I don’t know, but at least it’s a temporary fix.