I have today dealt with three separate telecommunication companies. Large companies, who you’d have thought could get it right.

Without exception all three have been sluggish, faceless and monolithic, and have finished either making less out of the deal by the end of the conversation, or ended up without the business altogether. Especially silly when you consider I’ve been ready to sign contracts and things, and finished the discussion wishing I’d never bothered to make the call to sales or support in the first place. In one case, I ended up going round in circles for 2 hours (presumably in Bangalore) before finding an operative who actually knew what they were on about – and even then had to phone 5 separate departments to get information before I could do anything else.

My experience over the past 15 years of dealing with telcos is that there aren’t any out there who are competent or refrain from pigeonholing customers – maybe one day though. However, I’m not holding my breath.