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So here I am with a glass of wine in a Premier Inn just out of High Wycombe, keeping warm thanks to the huge table of MSISDNs that my laptop is (poorly) attempting to merge and worrying about tomorrow’s meeting. It’s going to take at least another 10 minutes for this to finish running so I’ve compiled the list of how people coming through Google, Live and MSN found our photo gallery:

Hits Search terms used
75 nicky
7 girls of amsterdam
5 fabulous nipples
4 subnova
4 amsterdam girls
4 girls amsterdam
4 stephen laszlo
3 girls in Amsterdam
2 empress state pictures
2 sue lawley
2 sue lawley pictures
2 dover hoverport
2 windmill
1 lvrom
1 hellset
1 strangers
1 eliminator
1 crosscut
1 Sue Lawley Wogan legs
1 craig

Interesting seeing the Clarence bands still making an appearance, and also people who want to know what Sue Lawley’s legs look like 😛

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