One of the companies I contract with are desperate for a php5 developer to work on a contract basis (for the next 2-3 weeks at least, probably into May ’07 as well) at their office in Leeds.

They’re not a bad lot – if you’re interested, you need to be an absolute expert on object-oriented php5, be able to document and format your code properly (preferably to phpDocumentor standards) and have a good commercial track record. This involves working with blue-chip clients mostly on existing projects which need maintenance, so you’ve got to hit the ground running. You can sometimes be working on 3-4 different projects in any one day, so ability to multi-task is essential. All candidates will be asked to submit a structure-only mysqldump of something they’ve worked on, and a chunk of example php5 code.

The bloke who’s doing the recruiting is Colin Roets at Ripe Design – email

Please, if you’re an agent, don’t bother getting in touch unless you can really fulfil this – we’re getting too much crap from agencies sending through bedroom coders as it is.