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So, on Wednesday the replacement Thinkpad T60 finally arrived from Lenovo, almost 3 months after they first promised it. It’s a nice piece of kit – or at least it would be if it was working. Yes dear reader, you saw that right: it’s fucking bricked itself.

This afternoon Nicky was using it (less than 2 days’ full use), and we got a blue screen with:

***Hardware Malfunction
NMI: Parity check / Memory Parity Error.

Neil took a photo and I guess it’s not well at all – something I was getting concerned about when it wouldn’t wake up from sleep during installation of apps on Thursday evening.

It’s a brand new unit, manufactured on 10th March in China, still running factory-installed OS (Windows XP Pro SP2). I guess we see what Lenovo/IBM do now… I hadn’t even had chance to send them back the busted T42p. Just a good job really it’s no longer my principal machine – the MacBook Pro is being fine for me nowadays and the T60’s going to be used by Nicky to replace her R50e.

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