<%image(20060730-chilli.jpg|120|99|)%>There’s not a lot that’s as easy or stodge as chilli-con-carne, but having defrosted the freezer I’d got some mince which needed using and I fancied a bit of an experiment – so I started to sod around with the basic recipe. So, before I forget it, it needs noting.

Gently fry the mince in olive oil together with two chopped fat green chillis. Add a chopped onion and a tin of kidney beans and a couple of sploshes of red wine. Once that’s in, get it bubbling then crack two Oxo cubes in and some hot chilli powder. Then comes the more interesting stuff – a glass of red wine, a small (half square) of 99% Lindt chocolate, a small splosh of port, a squirt of tomato puree, and a squirt of garlic puree. Let that lot reduce for a bit, and pop in a stick of cinnamon for 5 minutes (any more and it’ll overpower the taste). Once the cinnamon has been removed, add another chopped green chilli and about half a teaspoon of curry powder. Finally, rip up a handful of coriander and add it in (do this at the last minute so it’s got some colour).

My presentation is getting better too – quite proud of the whole thing really.

Edit: Memo to self, don’t rub eyes after chopping chillies. *cry*