I wrote this morning that IBM (well, Lenovo) were meant to be sending a new HD for my laptop: they didn’t show up and the earliest they can promise me a call back is tomorrow morning so that’s getting escalated to a complaints department. This’ll be the second time they’ve screwed up a support ticket – the first time being when they “forgot” to screw the keyboard in when replacing the motherboard.

I also wrote that I was going to get some peace, which was really famous last words since I ended up telling someone how to configure sendmail (and how long is it since I last touched that – 7 years?) and then implementing something else quickly. So although I crossed the major hurdle with SOAP and PHP (ie. it connected to the service) I didn’t really get any ‘useful’ queries done.

So, to cut a long story short, I’m back at $contract tomorrow without a laptop, and trying to work out what Lenovo are going to do about it.

Still, at least the organ’s been picked up – it’s gone to a collector in Wales who has another one of the same brand and model that’s knackered. I’m glad it’s gone to someone who’ll appreciate it.