It’s been a day in Manchester for me at UKNOF4. Photos here.

Some good memorable presentations:

  • Randy Bush’s fairly unique presentation style gave us an entertaining look at his latest work on routing security
  • Ian Meikle of Nominet told us about DNS monitoring and their Nagios style system, and showed us some screenshots of the way that they’re using DSC to build some interesting stats together with the guys at OARC (I think I might have a proper play with that).
  • James Rice reported on the BBC’s multicast progress and experiences, although I was saddened to find they have no plans to bring back Ogg Vorbis streaming.
  • I was also quite impressed with LINX’s work with THUS on fingerprinting spam using TCP fingerprinting rather than reading message headers.

The inevitable social event was held at a bar in Canal Street – I don’t think I’ve ever been to a networking event at a gay bar before!

Met up with quite a few old ISP-land acquaintances I’d not seen in eoghans – and surprisingly there was some bridge-building too; it seems to have been the month for that.

Got home to find the 64k BBC computer I’d been shipped wasn’t a 64k Beeb after all, but a bog-standard 32k Model B. Still, Nicky bought me a nice pressie – the new Beautiful South album – that’s something to listen to while I clear up the house in preparation for tomorrow’s party.

My money’s on Finland. UK and Lithuania in the top five.