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It’s A-level results day in the UK, which means lots of photo opportunities.

Thus from @JoeTheDough and @flashboy comes Fuck Yeah, Sexy A-Levels which in their own words is “The more egregious examples of the UK Photo Editors’ tendency to promote rather more teenage flesh on A-level results day than would perhaps seem required”.

SFW, although you may get odd looks from your colleagues.

As seen on Facebook:

‘Thirteen die after C. diff outbreak at hospital’ – sounds like one seriously extreme kernel-patching meetup.

(Thanks Christo :))

Many, many years ago – well, 1987ish – I discovered this programme on Channel 4 called The Orchestra, which consisted of a story told in mime and slapstick centered around a conductor called Julian Joy-Chagrin. The programme was prone to being shifted in favour of cricket, football, racing, well pretty much anything, so I ended up only seeing two or three episodes.

Since then, I have been on the search for copies of the programme. Tonight I was pottering around a few torrent sites when I thought I’d have a look (finding nothing as usual), but one thing led to another and I googled to see if I could find a DVD. Imagine my utter surprise and delight when I found Greg Donner’s website complete with downloads of all 10 episodes! Hurrah – but go easy on his bandwidth (for VHS rips they really aren’t bad quality either).

It is quite hard to find anything online about this show, so it’s a real find to not just get episode lists, but the episodes themselves.

(btw – in case you were wondering, the copyright on this is probably something of a murky area – the company owning the rights wents titsup and under Israeli law it’s got very confused!)