I’m clearing a lot of my Acorn kit I’ve accumulated over the years and paring down my collection. Thankfully there is a handy Acorn Show this weekend in Wakefield, and I’ve got a stall there.

I’m looking to sell the whole lot:

  • A variety of Model B’s, some workers, some not (keyboard cable or PSU faults sometimes), some with boards, 1770/8271 DFS, etc.
  • A couple of Master 128s
  • Archimedes A420/1 base
  • RiscPC 7000 base
  • At least one Master Compact
  • A load of Econet stuff including clock boxes, junction boxes, Master Econet modules
  • Copros including 6502 cheese wedges, and a 512 in external case
  • A couple of other cheese wedges: teletext adaptor, Prestel adaptor
  • Acorn Atom (no PSU, condition unknown)
  • An Electron and some Elk peripherals including Plus1 and Plus3
  • A pile of 5.25” and 3.5” floppy drives, some cased, some not
  • A couple of DLT drives and a load of tapes
  • A pile of MDFS wedges (system units, floppy units, some SCSI drive units, tape streamer)
  • A lot of EPROMs/ROMs, which will all be priced at $buggerall
  • Some Master 128 cartridges

Additionally, there’s a load of other bits including MIDI interfaces, Music 4000 keyboard, EMR stuff, EPROM programmers, other bits and bobs. There’s also some non-Acorn stuff I chucked in a box for sale.

Although I’ll have basic guide prices with me for some of it, I’m willing to entertain any sensible offers (including “job lots”) as this is all part of my house clearance. I will not sell privately in advance of the day. However, I’m expecting a bit of interest so you will need to get in early if you want a chance of “the good stuff”, I suspect.

EVERYTHING is sold-as-seen. Where there are *known* faults, they are noted on the item. There are no guarantees, what you see is what you get, but I’ve connected all the Beebs up to my CUB monitor here and noted down when things aren’t right. I won’t have a monitor with me but I understand other folks will have faultfinding/repair places there. It’s a jumble sale, treat it as such 😉

And please wish me luck that it’ll all fit in my little Fiat Punto 1.4, and doesn’t knacker the suspension. See you Saturday 😉

Edit: As of 12th May, everything has been sold. Please don’t waste my time or yours by asking me if stuff’s still available 😉 Ta!