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Given my recent post on IPv4 exhaustion, I read with interest that has been reallocated (to APNIC) as part of the efforts to debogon and reuse address space.

Previously there’s been discussion on which /8 should be allocated. A good read, and covers issues I’d expect to become more important as the IPv4 space is depleted. IANA keep a document on /8 RIR assignments here.

I don’t do much networks stuff nowadays, but what’s important from my programmatic point-of-view is IP address validation within user interfaces – I know at least two systems I’ve been involved in developing have IP address input validation; consequently I think you can probably expect to see older (poorly programmed) routers thinking erroneously ‘oh, that IP address is invalid!’.

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  1. The debogon’ing will help, but that just gets rid of the bogus announcements of it, it doesn’t help with all the broken organisations and software which use 1/8 internally.

    I pity the small organizations which end up with 1/8 allocations, and especially the technical staff who end up having to explain to their management why they’ve got "bad IPs".

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