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Forwarded from a friend:

In the end, the resources required to keep publishing its much-loved content pages has proved too much. DMGT’s A+N Media is shutting down all of loss-making Teletext’s editorial operations Monday and Tuesday, after 15 years.

That means news, sport, entertainment and other content is disappearing – not just on analogue TV, but also on Freeview and Teletext.co.uk. But A+N is keeping a raft of commercial operations…

Teletext Ltd took over from ORACLE in 1993 on the UK’s ITV and Channel 4 TV stations. I have fond (!) memories of the final minutes of ORACLE where the pages shrunk down to a white dot in homage to 50s and 60s television sets.

Full article is here.

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  1. I never understood how (on sky at least) ITV teletext could be so slow and clunky compared to bbc/sky offerings…

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