Last Wednesday I gave a talk at Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club on new projects for your BBC Micro, entitled ‘Teaching Old Micros New Tricks’. I also covered ‘getting started in the retro Beeb scene’ a little bit, and did a Q&A at the end.

First off, the links. I’ll split these into the sections of the talk:

Useful Boring Stuff:


Memory/CPU enhancements:

  • By far the most fun one is Sprow’s ARM7TDMI coprocessor. Don’t forget to find a cheese-wedge teletext adaptor so you can use the case for it!
  • John Kortink’s ReCo6502 is available although you will need to source your own Tube ULA.


  • Back with Sprow, I also demonstrated his BBC Master Ethernet interface which talks Samba to other computers. Sprow’s also working on a series of calls (presumably OSWORD and OSBYTE) to access the TCP/IP stack directly.

Honourable Mentions (aka stuff I missed out from the talk but are also cool):

I’ll make the slides from the talk available when I get a chance to PDF them, and will be repeating most of it at an upcoming Manchester Acorn group meeting – more about that closer to the time.

I will also write about the ‘retro scene’ and how to get back onto the Beeb in a future blog post.