Long-time Beeb guru Jonathan Harston has just posted a good series of default settings for a BBC Master 128 – most commonly reset when you have a dead CMOS battery or have factory-reset by holding down R as you switch the Master on.

Sensible settings (which you’ll need to type in) are:

*Configure Delay 32
*Configure Repeat 5
*Configure Lang 12
*Configure Mode 7
*Configure TV 0,1
*Configure ShCaps
*Configure Ignore
*Configure Print 4
*Configure PS 0.254
*Configure FS 0.254
*Configure File 9
*Configure NoDir
*Configure NoBoot
*Configure Space
*Configure Baud 7
*Configure Data 4

JGH recommends that you stick this on a bootable floppy so you can easily SHIFT-D-BREAK into it on a factory-default setup. Good idea!

For other faults, Sprow has a good section on his website detailing the most common Beeb power-on problems which is worth a read if you’re trying to get your old micro to work again!