This weekend it’s the Retro Reunited show in Huddersfield, which also includes Acorn World 2009. It’s taking place at Cedar Court Hotel on Ainley Top, just off the M62.

I’ll be there demonstrating the BBC Domesday Project (assuming it works still, I’ve not dug it out yet) and there’s lots of other fun things. Sprow will be selling some of his fun new Beeb projects, and of course Mark Haysman of Retroclinic will be demonstrating his USB master/slave Beeb interface. Of course there’ll be Econet setups galore, robotic arms, turtles, games, MUDs, all that foo.

Sadly if you haven’t got a ticket then you’ll have to get on the waiting list – they sold out a week or two ago – but I’ll get some photos and things. I’m otherwise engaged in the evening so won’t be around for the Pixelh8 Chiptune gig but I’m sure it’ll be ace. I’ll be there all day Saturday and Sunday otherwise.

If you want to keep up with it on Twitter the hashtag #rre09 has been proposed, and the organiser himself is there as @retroreunited.

Edit: It would seem I’m there for the whole thing now including Saturday night. I’m also introducing a Q&A/talk by Mel Pullen (creator of the BBC Prestel adaptor and sysop of The Gnome At Home). There really are no tickets left though, and the waiting list for returns is huge.