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ircnet.demon.co.uk – the first IRC server I used, which led to a major job and many friendships, acquaintances and the rest of it, is being shut down:

-BRd(~jamesr@ It is expected that ircnet.demon.co.uk will stop providing an IRCnet service very shortly (although an exact date is not confirmed). I would like to advise you that other IRCnet servers are available for users of demon’s server. These include uk.ircnet.org, irc.xs4all.nl, irc.snt.utwente.nl, us.ircnet.org, ircnet.choopa.net and ircnet.eversible.com. Thanks you and thanks to demon for providing a service for all these years.

It being a server in a larger IRC network means of course it’s not really that big news, but it’s still the end of an era.

Not that I’ve been on #dl-bar and #uknot in a long time…


  1. wow.

    it’s almost (for me) when toybox.ripe.net shut…

  2. First IRC server I used too; when I was on Demon’s NOC frontline I had to sit on it as an oper. Didn’t know it was going.

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