I have a bad cold. I attempted to ignore it since chugging the first lot of Nightnurse on Saturday night, but tonight I finally gave in – it’s got the better of me. Bother.

On a positive note, in the past few days I’ve received five emails from bands and producers liking my photos, wanting to use them in accordance with my turn-up-and-shoot usage licence (CC non-commercial attribution), and in two cases are prepared to give me good hard cash to show up at a gig to take some more. This is indeed good.

I’m not booked to do any pics for a week or so but Shrood are playing O’Donoghue’s on Saturday and Nicky will be there. I’ll probably find somewhere to photograph on Friday – it would be good to find a showcase night around Leeds so any promoter types are welcome to get in touch and drag me over, especially if there’s decent lighting and a bar 😉