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I am annoyed.

I have hunted high and low, and cannot find half the code I wrote in the late 80s/early 90s. Granted it’s on 5.25″ disc somewhere, I’m pretty sure I still had the backups long after I relocated the HD to my Archimedes in 1994. In any case, I’m bloody annoyed; it should still be around after 7 house moves and 20 years.

I suppose it could also have been on the disc which ended up running CCl4, although I suspect that’s not the original disc either.

So, I’d better work out what jZip-0 format means and try and recall it without the specification. Argh.

Indeed, annoyed.


  1. Tell me about it … somewhere I’ve got a program I wrote to archive off data from failed Level3 fileserver hard drives – I need it again (after 20 years disuse, my original hdd isn’t to happy, and the backup I restored to the A5000 wasn’t really very recent. Plus there was someone on the STH forum asking to do the same.. It’ll be somwhere in the hundreds of floppies I have, and probably on an un-labeled one, if I know how i was behaving whilst panicing over recovering the thing!

  2. The only thing which has run CCl4 is the A5000 which was bought from Acron for me to development stuff, and I suspect the drive in it is the original one.

    I can’t recall having any drives off you.

    Ho hum, still got M2/CCl4 DDFS discs to sort out.

  3. No, there was another MFM disk which I had – it was one of my BBC Micro ones which was used to restart CCl4 when Ron’s shelves fell on the original and killed it. It was a 20MB MFM (or maybe a 30MB RLL, I can’t remember).

  4. You’re right, I know nothing.

    I don’t know what he’s still got.

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