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Wonderful plumage, Trinity Walk!

From one of the articles linked below:

A construction company working on a prestigious £200m shopping centre has confirmed that a bank backing the project has pulled out of the deal.

On Tuesday morning 185 workers at the Wakefield Trinity Walk shopping development being run by York-based Shepherd Construction stopped work.

The council have sold the sites, knocked down a substantial portion of the city, relocated the market, demolished a huge pile of parking, knackered the shops that are still standing, broken the one-way system, sold off the library books for that relocation, busted a pile of archeological finds, and now they’ve left a big hole in the ground. Hurray! Still, I bet the Ridings Centre are having a giggle.

As a friend put it: “buy up and flatten a load of buildings, blight the rest, chuck out the shops, then cancel it”. Presumably this will leave Wakefield in much the same state as Bradford and Leeds, where expanses of waste ground forlornly stretch where once shops, affordable flats and council parking stood.

More at the Wakefield Express story or the substantially less shit BBC News article.

(I’ve been occasionally photographing the changes round there and you can pretty much follow the timeline of Trinity Walk and the old/new market halls through my photos).

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  1. Why did no-one question the wisdom of spreading the city’s minimal disposable income so thinly?

    Or were the minium-wage Eastern Euros intended to prop up Debenhams and the like?

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