Ryan’s Open Mic Monday at The Hop has been going for some weeks. While most of Wakefield is dead on a Monday evening, this is where the party’s at. It’s usually worth a looksee even though it can get a bit packed out especially with “the grunge youth of today”.

Anyway, those who have shown up will be fairly familiar with me – I turn up, I take photos, I use it as practice space for my own photography in a no-pressure environment and try out new kit and new techniques. It’s useful, but last night I decided to instigate a new policy which is: if you’ve played at Open Mic and I’ve photographed you more than twice, I will probably not take any more pics unless you’re either extremely photogenic, you specifically ask me, or I’m trying out some new kit. I think that’s pretty important to point out: I was asked by one of the younger devotees last night why I’d not shot his set, there’s your answer.

(Sidenote: it’s nice if folks say “thankyou” once in a while. I was standing at a gig on Saturday with some folks who’ve used my pics before, and got utterly blanked. Come on chaps, at least nod and say ‘hi’, politeness costs nothing.)

Of course, if you do want me to show up and it’s an interesting venue with lots of opportunity to expand my portfolio then please do drop me a line. I’m always amenable to showing up and taking some pics especially if it’s in Leeds or Wakefield.

Update: Last night’s pics are here. I think I’m getting better at the B&W stuff.