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Podcasts are ace. I only discovered them just before I went to Australia when I upgraded my iPod, but they keep me company while travelling and introduce me to new music. Here then are some good podcasts I enjoy:

The BBC make available a pile of podcasts (although I do wish they’d podcast “Just A Minute”). I listen to:

  • Tom Robinson Presents, full-length tracks from unsigned bands. Yeah OK there’s some crap, but by and large it’s listenable to and introduces me to some artists I’d never have found otherwise.
  • The Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy podcast. News Quiz and The Now Show. Excellent.
  • CBeebies: The Best Bits gets accumulated over weeks to provide a soundtrack to an otherwise dull car journey (supplemented with recordings of the CBeebies Hour on R7).
  • Excess Baggage and The Media Show can alleviate a boring journey as well.

“Enough of this BBC stuff! Give us the independents!” I hear you cry. Oh alright then:

I do tend to prefer the musical ones – of which there are a shortage I think due to licensing issues, especially the BBC ones which show promise; I mean, I’d love to have a full version of Paul Jones’ Blues Explosion or Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone but you only get about a minute or so of each song.

Anyone got any favourite podcasts they like, other than the BBC ones?


  1. I’ve got a couple of Times Online podcasts (http://www.timesonline.co.u…) on iTunes these days. The Bugle is quite good if you like satirical news stuff. I’m not sure about Timeghost, it’s Armstrong and Miller doing… stuff, and I’ve not listened to enough of them to be certain I think they’re bothering with. I’ve also got the Dilbert (semi-)daily animated shorts (available in flash form from http://www.dilbert.com/anim… – basically animated daily strip-length jokes, the animation and voice work is fine, although I find myself missing the actors from the old 30-minute cartoon version), various gaming podcasts (Penny Arcade, Major Nelson), and a selection of TV show commentary feeds.

  2. Swedish news?


    mebbes not your cup of tea 🙂

  3. John_R in Western Australia

    January 13, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Garrison Keillor’s "News from Lake Wobegon".


    If you’ve never heard of this, it’s worth (a) reading the original "Lake Wobegon Days"; and (b) listening to weekly episodes from the live broadcast of "The Prairie Home Companion". Old fashioned radio variety at its finest. The podcast is just the News from Lake Wobegon, though. Usually about 15 minutes or so long.

  4. Adam and Joe on 6music are really good awell, their Songwars segment each week is entertaining…


    I listen to 2 of the Guardian podcasts; Media Talk and Tech Weekly…



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