The full trailer for the new Star Trek movie hit the ‘Net last Monday. While I’m quite excited about watching the film, I’m of the opinion it will either be very good, or very very very very very very very bad. We know it busts canon (something the fanboys are up in arms about), we know that Kirk’s adventures on the USS Farragut never happened, we know that the Enterprise got a redesign, we know it got constructed in a gravity well, we know that it completely buggers up the whole timeline of Kirk and Pike and all that jazz. Hey kids, it’s a film, just sit back and relax.

Now I’ve said that, there’s a good deconstruction at (via Film School Rejects). Nice touch with the number on the policeman’s visor… and crumbs, Uhura’s got a nice body.

(If you ask me [which you haven’t] I prefer the prequel events as portrayed in Vonda N McIntyre’s book Enterprise: The First Adventure – they fit a lot better and it was obviously well researched without the expense of the story. Mind, that was written some years ago and of course it’s not canon unless it’s been on telly or in the cinema…)