As a postscript to yesterday’s article on adventures in gig photography, I went to Harry’s Bar last night for a rather depleted Open Mic Night. Nobody really gets up in Harry’s any more and it’s more a showcase for the host, Matt Johnson (he of Wakefield cover band Little Caesar) but at least it was a chance to try that lens.

Pics are here: annoyingly the landlord has put a couple of stage lights up (one red, one green) which means that I can’t test it in consistency with the other lenses. I quite like this one, although they’re red-saturated thanks to the new lighting.

I have the lens for one more day before I send it back to, it’s a sunny day outside so I may go find a church and some stained glass, or just go back to Wakefield Cathedral where I did some tests on the f2.8 70-200mm glass.

In any case, the trip served its purpose so next payday I think I will be going to Calumet in Manchester and buying one, and probably a battery grip to balance the weight out.