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...being the inane ramblings of a mundane Yorkshire bird.

Oh my goodness, the original WOPR model from the 1983 Matthew Broderick film WarGames is on eBay. That, right, is utterly fantastic, especially if you could pop a speech synth inside it 😛

In looking around for something to link to, I did find this:

In November 2006, pre-production began on a sequel, titled WarGames: The Dead Code. It is directed by Stuart Gillard, and stars Matt Lanter as a hacker named Will Farmer facing off with a government supercomputer called Ripley. MGM will be releasing the sequel directly to DVD on June 10, 2008.

That’s got “SUCK” written all over it.

(Sigh. How the hell I’d get it from LA I don’t know, and Nicky would kill me anyway… she’s not forgiven me for the dancefloor yet.)

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  1. Sadly it looks like a 2006 repro :-(.

    Still cheaper than a difference engine for your living room tho’.

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