I’ve just been having a look at the contents of those LVROM discs – aside from the Countryside Disc I mean.

I have three volumes of ‘Energy Curriculum Pack’, produced by the British Nuclear Forum and distributed by Eltec; inside each pack there are a few floppy discs, a laserdisc and an instruction manual. Reading the requirements they’ve been designed for an Acorn A3000 hooked up to a Philips VP406 player (not the same one as the Domesday System), together with a serial interface (RS232), genlock and memory upgrade inside the A3000. The system itself is referred to as LaserStar V occasionally in the documentation so I guess that’s what we have to look out for!

As well as the Energy stuff there’s also three volumes of 3 laserdiscs each marked ‘The World Of Number’, with ‘Trial Version (c) NCC 1992’. No instructions or indication of what system they run on. That’ll be the biggest mystery I think!