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My attention was brought to this BBC article this morning about police (and other authorities) preventing folks taking photos in the cause of ‘preventing terrorism’ and ‘prevention of paedophilia’. Interesting.

I take photos a lot – rarely a day goes by without taking a photo or ten, of lots of things really. I don’t do ‘paparazzi’ shots, and have a tendency to check it’s OK with the venue/artiste if I’m at a gig. You know the score – check and nobody can complain. Yet I had a policeman challenge me when I was taking this photo – you can actually see Mr Plod in the background. I pulled back quickly from the family and took the pic (hence why it’s blurry), and the policeman challenged me. Lovely!

Indeed, Mr Plod needs education: It’s not illegal to take pics in the street, it’s not “against the data protection act” for someone to be in the way of me when I’m taking a photo of Westgate, it’s especially not “copyright” because your building is in the way (one I got when doing some historical photos)!

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  1. John_R in Western Australia

    April 24, 2008 at 8:09 am

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