I had a pint in O’Donoghue’s tonight, at the top of George Street in Wakefield. For a long time it was a music-pub stalwart of Wakefield until it was utterly bloody destroyed by the bloke from the pub next door. Anyway, it’s got a new landlord and landlady. They’re really nice people, and seem to want to return it to its musical backdrop! Hurrah! Sadly it’s a bit empty right now because nobody knows it’s open, but THIS WILL CHANGE 🙂

Aaaaaanyway, they’re booked up for musical treats all the way to the end of April, and next Monday (17th March) they’ve booked Ryan and Alice for St Patrick’s Day musical fun. Get down there, the beer’s good, and the atmosphere will most probably be wonderful.

And they asked when Bored Housewife will be available for a gig. Seriously.