BBC Micro creators Hermann Hauser, Steve Furber, John Radcliffe and David Allen are reuniting at the Science Museum for a CCS reunion “gig”.

I’d love to go to this but finding few details right now – anyone know any more? Also of special interest: “The Science Museum plans an exhibition about the BBC Micro and its legacy in 2009”. Wahey!

For those of you who can’t wait, there’ll be a special 8-bit exhibition (run by me and a few other 8-bitters) at the Wakefield Acorn Show on 26th April at Cedar Court Hotel. I’ll have the Domesday system running, and probably an Econet and a Music-5000.

(Thanks to Ollie who pointed me at the news article.)

Edit: It’s this afternoon. Cocks.

Edit(2): I’ve just realised Sophie Wilson is missing from the lineup…