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I went into Wakefield this morning to do some shopping – I favour the market over getting stuff from Sainys and co, because I actually feel they give a toss. Dropping by for some tripe this morning I was saddened to note that Hey’s Tripe Shop on the outside of the market hall is closing today. I was even more saddened to note that they were given 2 days’ notice by the owners, who presumably will be concentrating on their other business. Given that the Leeds stall closed a while ago (or hasn’t been open while I’ve been visiting), the nearest tripe shop is now Dewsbury.

Without being histrionic, this is another death-knell for Wakefield – another local specialist stall closing down. Half of the market is now car-parking as seen in this photo. Back in April 2006 I noted the lack of fishmonger in Wakefield. At least Cryer and Stott will be moving to the new market hall in May.

On another note the Ridings Centre is undergoing a facelift, with more chain-stores in the bottom where the ‘Garden’ food concessions were originally. Given that today there were at least 6 units empty with ‘To Let’ signs, one wonders if this is going to compete with the forthcoming Trinity Walk development (WMDC site here) at all.

Note: I did try to get information about the Trinity Walk development and other local stuff from the Wakefield Express website, but just came up against a brick wall with error messages and articles which ‘don’t exist’ despite the search system forwarding me. I eventually resorted to Google…


  1. John_R in Western Australia

    February 3, 2008 at 7:15 am

    Re the Wakefield Express website: that must be the worst website still existing. It is impossible to navigate and when (by sheer chance) you land on the correct page the paucity of information is staggering.

    Re tripe: I hate the stuff, but will defend to the death your right to eat cow’s intestines. Shame the supermarkets are so successful, isn’t it.

  2. Wakefield is just bursting with the generic names that now fill every town centre – a far cry from 20 years ago.

    On a similar note, I suppose you’ve all seen this ABC Cinema link:


  3. Apparently, The Ridings are ‘expanding’ with the current Wakefield Express office and New Union pub to be demolished.
    Let’s hope we’re not going to have another ‘Top Man’ or ‘River Island’ in their place.

  4. It was very weird going to the Ridings yesterday. Travelling in the glass lift from the top car park you can watch all the work being done and the bottom food court being torn apart.

    Ended up riding up and down in it a few times to keep the son entertained 🙂

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