After a pleasant afternoon where we all watched Raiders Of The Lost Ark (Ben was transfixed) we switched over to Star Trek II on Sky Movies. Conversation happened, Ellie wanted to see my old Star Trek uniforms from when I was a proper Trekker. Oh dear!

I know where they are in the loft, so ten minutes later we had the old suitcase in the front room. Apart from a musty smell and a few missing pins, they’ve fared pretty well – I only tried the Wrath of Khan uniform top, which fit OK although I had to breathe in a lot to fasten the poppers and the belt. Mind, the remaining elements are all tops – I don’t think I’ve got the trousers any more (size 28L, which would have no bloody chance considering I’m 36R now, porky bastard).

Hmm, I wonder if Sheffield Space Centre is still open – might be able to get a replacement rank pin for the Wrath of Khan top (the original Captain pin has broken in two, no idea how) and for some reason the combadges from the TNG and DS9 uniforms are missing.