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...being the inane ramblings of a mundane Yorkshire bird.

Oh this is funny, after being so self-righteous about the whole battery-hen thing.

While I agree with the sentiments and have a lot of respect for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, I think Jamie Oliver is a bit of a bandwagon-jumper – especially after hearing him on ‘You And Yours’ on Radio 4 the other week attempting to justify why he was doing stuff with Sainsbury’s (who of course stock ‘basic’ range battery-farmed stuff) while running this campaign.

The numbers don’t add up, and while I’m happy to buy free-range and properly-farmed birds, they cost a lot more money and most people can’t actually taste the difference! Therefore, for a day-to-day requirement for chicken breast I’ll still be buying the convenience packs of individually-wrapped breasts that I can just chuck in the freezer; they cost about 6 quid for 8 breasts and I don’t have to worry about them going ‘off’.

(That said: for other meat I can heartily recommend Mr Allum, our Wakefield butcher who’s just next to the market hall).

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  1. See, now I take the opposite view. I dislike both for their casual use of meat (I wish they would do more to promote choice). However, most people understand where Jamie, formerly known as the fat lipped something or other on tinternet, is coming from. He’s making greenbacks bless him. He’s a pseudo-wideboy-cock-er-nee-geezer-bless-him. *giggles*. Where are Top Loader now, eh? Good riddance to bad music.

    Anyway, I feel that Hugh Fearnly-Ivegivenupatthispoint, is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The more I read, the more I dislike him (sorry old chap if you read this). Finally, I can think of nothing worse than somehow being related to David Cameron. Take your river cottage, your uppity ways and walk on down the hall. The exit is on the left.

    Glad I don’t watch any of this TV malarkey. I’m sick of seeing the 3 stooges staring down at me from a billboard as I make my way to work.

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