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I’ve just spent the morning in Leeds, after turning up at the Commercial Street shop at 10ish with my not-very-good Canon EOS 30D.

The gentleman remembered me from Sunday, so it was reasonably easy just to get started. He brought out another 30D for me and I went outside to take some photos to test it was all OK – sadly not, there were 3 or 4 obvious marks. So another unit was procured, which had the same problem.

Then they’d run out of 30D bodies, so he walked up to the nearest branch on Headrow and picked up their remaining 30D. That had dust on it.

By that time I was getting a bit anxious, but the nice gentleman phoned the Merrion Centre branch which had a sealed one and a display model. The sealed unit also had dust on the CCD, so we tried the display model. That worked! So now I have a 30D which doesn’t have dust on it.

According to the sales guys I spoke to, they’ve had quite a few 400Ds returned with dirty CCDs which just won’t clean, and the current rumour is there’s a bad batch – this seemed to be the first 30D they’d had back but by their own admission they don’t sell many. Bizarrely, my 10D lasted two years before I needed to get the CCD cleaned, and I’m wondering if the CCD in the 30D is susceptible. It also shows that the 400D’s CCD-cleaning feature doesn’t actually seems to be that great.

Irritating, but I’m glad it’s sorted and Jessops were very helpful in rectifying the problem.


  1. Glad you got it sorted. The 20D i got from the Canon Outlet had marks like that, but they went when i blasted it with a rocket air blower. Its been fine ever since.
    From the people i’ve spoken to and from what I’ve read its manufacturing dust and debris from the build process. not good at all really, and you think they would build them in cleaner rooms!

    I imagine they pass QC then the dust that is still in the camera body works its way onto the CCD in transit?

    My sisters 30D was fine from Warehouse express however.

  2. You’re right about the 30d. Despite my anal lens changing routine, there’s still loads of dust on it – far more than was ever on my fisher price, 300d!

    I’m retiring from photography though, don’t you know.

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