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I’d noticed on some of the test shots I did on the 30D, that there were a couple of dark patches. Very faint, but there nontheless and if you know what you’re looking for it’s very distracting – a hallmark of dust on the CCD. This isn’t something you should have on a brand new camera.

Now I’ve had my suspicions that this camera I’d bought from Leeds Jessops had been pre-owned (the seal on the box seemed to be taped back up when I bought it but I paid it little mind – lots of companies do that to check contents before selling), but this seems to confirm it. I’ve barely had 1000 pics off it and all of them have the same dusty bit.

For those of you wondering how I checked – whack the aperture right up (f28 in this case), point it at a blue sky and take a pic. The uniform colour shows the problem areas.

I’m not even going to attempt to clean it – it’s off back tomorrow.


  1. My 20D had lots of dust in it from new, and I’ve heard that lots of Canons do, fresh out the box. What was the file number of the first shots you took (i the shop i guess)? did they start at zero, this may indicate if it had been used before and the number of shots id had had through it before you got it. It may have been opened in the shop for a store demo?
    Either way, I’d take it back and get it swapped.

  2. It’s not just dust tho – it seems that there’s a dark patch on the ccd which looks like failure more than dust. There isn’t a ‘non-resettable counter’ on the EOS series cameras so I can’t definitively check, but it was set to image 1 when we tested it in the shop (although you can reset this easily).

    In any case, it’s sodding annoying. I reckon it’s been used in the shop if nothing else, and I’m stuffed if I’m messing with it prior to a 3-week trip abroad.

  3. Yeah i see here: http://photos.jml.net/p4367

    That’s what mine was like, a good blow with a rocket air shifted all the loose manufacturing dust from mine and its been fine ever since. take it back though, get them to swap it out. Be prepared for them to say to you should send it back to Canon for a service clean…

  4. That dark point is on everything I’ve taken that shows sky, since buying it.

    I’ve had good experience with Jessops when I took my knackered Fuji back, so hopefully this will be easy. The receipt says ’30-day exchange’ so it’s just a matter of calling that in.

    I’ll blog how it goes anyway.

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