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Yesterday we bought Nicky a new MacBook Pro, and she still needs at least some semblance of a Windows installation in order to run the Inland Revenue PAYE software. I’ve had reasonable experiences with Parallels in the past and KRCS were offering a free copy with every MacBook purchased.

Right at this point in time, I’ve been battling installation. The usual trick is to blame Windows when it dies, but actually on this occasion it’s Parallels itself – specifically build 4128 of Parallels 3. It’s caused a kernel panic (leading me to erroneously believe the RAM was duff), and can be crashed almost on demand by using an ActiveX control within IE (meaning no Windows Update).

There are lots of references to it by looking on Google (indeed, this is the particular crash I’ve been experiencing). There’s been no real word from the Parallels guys on when it’ll be fixed, so I would recommend staying away from Parallels 3 until it’s been sorted out – because right now it’s next to useless.

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  1. bah, i was hoping parallels 3 wouldnt suck, since i’m hoping to get a macbook pro reasonably soonish – guess i’ll wait another 6 months or so 🙁

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