Right, I’ve kept shut about the new Trek movie coming in 2008, but yesterday’s Comic-Con revealed:

  • Heroes star Zachary Quinto will play a young Spock, and Len Nimoy has been confirmed that he’ll reprise his role as an older version of the same character (pic side-by-side). This says to me ‘flashbacks’. Or (and I really hope I’m wrong) time travel.
  • Kirk hasn’t been cast. Abrams has confirmed he’d like to get Shatner in but they won’t “shoehorn” him if it doesn’t feel right.
  • There’s a new teaser poster – doesn’t reveal anything but is on the front page of startrek.com with the US release date of Christmas Day 2008.

No other real confirmations – we were expecting something a bit better I think, but hey.

I’m still trying to work out if the art department at the Beeb have touched up Quinto’s eyebrows on this article 🙂