Dear chaps,

One of my more recent contracts is implementing software which talks to a number of telephony companies. This is after all the age of so-called web2.0, thus I think that having an API I can talk to isn’t asking too much.

Therefore, please can I request that:

  1. You drag your arse into the 21st century and get rid of the FTP job drop-directory. I worked with this sort of crap using DJCICS in 1994 and it wasn’t any fun then either.
  2. You learn to speak English when writing error messages I need to parse. Really. (Hint: it’s ‘entered’, not ‘enterred’.)
  3. When you do implement something using ebXML, you maybe want to make sure that your example ebXML validates against your own schema before releasing it.
  4. Maybe you’d like to provide a test environment too. Something like Datacash provide for their PSP services, where you get defined responses for some things and undefined responses for others. That way I can avoid disconnecting my boss’s line, or waiting for real-world cases before I can test software.
  5. You don’t move the sodding goalposts and change the way something works without announcing it.

That way, I might be able to get out of here without any more grey hairs today.

Love and kisses,