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Having a large amount of duplicate Acorn 8-bit computer gear in my collection which I’d rather not eBay (given the hassle involved), I’ve decided to take out a stand at Wakefield RISC OS Computer Show on 19th May.

Some of the stuff I’ll be taking along for sale will include things I can’t use or don’t have interest in or time to do stuff with:

  • A variety of cheese wedges including teletext adaptors, a couple of 6502 copros, etc.
  • BBC Master 128s, BBC Micros, in varying states of configuration.
  • Lots of internal boards, SRAM boards, shadow RAM bits, etc.
  • Disk drives – there’s a few of these 5.25″ units.
  • Domesday LVROM player, which may work or not. It’s got the SCSI bits in tho – never had chance to get it sorted or even test it really.
  • Lots of books including Assembler tutorial books, writing BASIC, lots of stuff.
  • A pile of original Beeb software and boxed ROMs including instruction manuals.
  • The odd printer, CUB monitor, that sort of thing.
  • A few Electrons, Plus-blah expansions, and some old Archimedes units.

If there is the interest, I’ll drag along the Econet setup for people to play with a bit. There’s some BBS stuff there and a MUD or two.

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  1. I have an Archimedes copy of SimCity 3000 if anyone wants it.

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