Over the past few days I’ve been fiddling around with a framework called Zimki. In principle it’s a pretty neat idea – a Javascript server-side thingy, which also includes some neat libraries to do stuff like captcha, as well as decent XML support. While it’s a bit lean on the documentation side a lot of the functions and principles can be derived from various books on Javascript and the E4X stuff that Fuse supports.

The result of my own fiddlings and learnings are in a web2.0 application which searches a list of RSS feeds for text, so you can find (say) all the stuff about Richard Hammond without waiting for Google Blog Search or Google News to pick it up. I think it’s not too bad, but it needs more typical web 2.0 widgetery really 🙂

(I’ve removed the link, since I’m not sure if it being used is causing a slowdown or if it’s Zimki itself or what – I’m still learning to use this :P)