It’s been a day or two since I did the big email migration to IMAP, and a few little bits and bobs of foibles are starting to pop out of the woodwork; so, here for Google to index and other people to find, are the few things I’ve noticed:

  • Some Eudora mail using the Eudora-specific tag <x-flowed> hasn’t ported properly – most noticeably the stuff which is from me (ie. things which have been in the outbox). Eudora Rescue has an option to sort this out but it hasn’t made any difference, it seems (I tested it on another box just to make sure).
  • In converting the mailbox formats to maildir, mb2md has created full trees instead of just maildir boxes with mail in. Thus, if I’ve had a structure where I’ve got “Personal -> Friends -> Dave” where I filter all email from Dave, it’s actually put the email from Dave in both Friends and Personal as well (duplicating it). To fix, I deleted “Maildir/.Personal.Friends” and “Maildir/.Personal” which enabled other IMAP applications to see these two as folders, not combined folder-and-mailboxes (which appears to confuse Mulberry sometimes when moving things around).
  • Mulberry itself has a failing in that it can’t render images in-line (it does style HTML, but not very well). This is a bit of a bugger, and I’d been recommended I also try Gyazmail on the Mac: while this does do full HTML and images in the mailer, it doesn’t allow multiple email addresses tied to a single account – thus I’ve rejected it as not meeting my needs.

I’ll post more if I notice anything else 🙂