What Jessie Did Next...

...being the inane ramblings of a mundane Yorkshire bird.

Incidentally, I was standing in the middle of a field when a very nice gentleman called me from a Lenovo office somewhere on the continent, and said that he’d been referred to this blog and could help me. I’ve sent him all the details (there’s 9 job references so far I’ve found for the repairs since the mobo first went on 29th June 2005) so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Meantime, I’ve been told by the UK lass that I’m not getting a replacement and instead I’m back to getting a repair, and said part won’t be available until at least next Monday.

…which is tedious, since the rest of the IBM R50e units we’ve had have been rock solid, with the exception of the PSUs running a bit hot. I’m starting to think more and more I just got a Friday-afternoon unit.


  1. i do find it sort of amusing the random places you are when IBM/lenovo get back to you. Almost as if they know.

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