I’m feeling rather tender this morning in the aftermath of Wakefield Beer Festival (photos here). Held at Lightwaves for (I think) the third year running, predictably it’s yielded a morning-after headache and a sense of “wondering what the hell I said last night”. As is customary on these occasions I jotted down what I’d had:

  1. Mauldon Brewery “Dickens
  2. Brown Cow “Styrian Bitter
  3. Acorn “Barnsley Gold
  4. Jarrow “Red Ellen” (purchased purely on the name – good Old Labour name that!)
  5. Bull Lane “EEL” (again, purchased purely on name – and you do not want to know why)
  6. WF6 “Pride
  7. Tigertops “Gardeners Stout
  8. George Wright “Pipe Dream
  9. Clark’s “Only Sixteen

Really quite enjoyable, although I do wish they’d find a venue with windows – Lightwaves Leisure Centre is all well and good but it’s a bit sparse getting hammered tasting beer in a sports hall.