Hooray! I’ve managed to get the EPROM programmer working again, so now have a pile more ANFS ROMs for the Econet. I’ve also connected up the last few socket boxes and mounted them on a piece of timber so they’re not hanging around the place tangling up. I’ve now discovered the drop-cables I thought would work won’t (hint: MIDI cables don’t work as Econet cables ‘cos they’re only wired up to pins 2, 3 and 4) so I’ve hit another roadblock. I’ve got enough DIN connectors for 5 cables but that’s not enough to get the network working.

End result: station 1 and station 2 are properly jumpered, although they’re not talking to each other.

In any case, while researching the pinouts I found a lovely quote:

“We showed Bill Gates the Econet network and he said ‘What’s a network?'”
   — Hermann Hauser (Acorn co-founder), 1982

Fantastic 🙂

So what’s next? I’ve not replaced the BBC power supply for the fileserver, and I need some cables before I can wire up the clock box and the terminators.