<%image(20060921-nfs.jpg|120|86|)%>It works! It bloody works!

After much sweating and grumbling, I’ve managed to get three stations working on the Econet using JGH’s Y2k-patched level 3 fileserver software. This now means that the network works (ish) without any non-original Beeb bits. Just need to source some more socket boxes, some cables and preferably a fully working MFM or RLL hard disk because this old Technomatic jobbie is on its way out and I can’t keep prodding the actuator with a screwdriver every time I need it to start up.

Honestly, when I did “*I AM SYST” and it worked, I had to do a doubletake. I’m surprised that it’s working at all!

In any case, this is enough for me to continue with my experiments into the Evil Beeb Project. The worst bit is trying to remember the relevant commands to navigate the directory tree since it’s sufficiently different from ADFS to be confusing. It’s also left me wondering exactly how feasible getting BBS software online using NFS will be. Still, it’s an experience (photos here)!

Right, well, I’m going to tidy up the garage worktops a bit now it’s all working, and go through some of the other Beeb stuff to see if I can get station 3 going with a 6502 copro.