I’ve just wasted my lunch hour dialling into the BBS I set up last night. It’s slow, it’s crufty, it needs some imaginative Hayes commands, but it works – I successfully logged on using Hyperterminal’s pisspoor Viewdata emulation:

You logged on at 05:01:51
It’s now 05:12:02 on the 22/09/06
You have spent 00:10:10 minutes online
Thankyou for calling The Rabbit Run!

(Yes, I know I need to set the real-time clock!)

Hyperterminal has no Viewdata graphics to speak of although curiously it’s capable of doing background and double-height. It also confuses £#_ which I’d sorta expected it to not do since that’s a fundamental of decent Viewdata emulation.

So, having established that the SIP route works and using the out-of-the-box Asterisk UPCM and APCM codecs means that V23 is fine, I think we’re in a state that the proof-of-concept has succeeded and we can probably go on to put more boards online. Hurrah!