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Reading over at Fosfor Gadgets about the upcoming Canon EOS 40D, I have to admit I’m more than tempted, even though the sole major upgrade from the 30D seems to be the CCD:

1.6x 10.1M CMOS senor (30D has 1.6x 8.2M CMOS Sensor)
Anti-dust feature
2.5 inch LCD (30D has 2.5 inch LCD)
9 focus points (30D has 9 focus points)
5 fps (30D has 5fps)
Compact flash based memory cards (same as 30D).

There’s links on Slashgear and Gizmodo as well. Maybe time to upgrade the 10D after all!


  1. Wait until it’s released, pick up a 30D bargain.

  2. I’d want the extra MP tho. It’s being released at Photokina I think, so perhaps one of the Fotopic attendees can have a good look for me.

  3. I’m waiting for stabalized CMOS, increased burst rate, and 11point AF, like the D80

  4. the anti-dust features alone would make it worth it for me… i could sell off the 20d and 30d to pay for it… if the anti-dust stuff is as good as they say it is, there’s no longer a need to carry a second camera in case the first one gets dust on the sensor…

  5. 400D fooled you all!Expect to see a replacement for the 30D in Feb 2007. The $200.00 cashback on the 30D is as good a sign as you will get that its on its way out.

  6. i was toying with the idea of buying a 400D or saving some cash till after xmas and getting a 30D. now i guess i may as well wait until the 40D (if they call it that) comes out. 30D in the UK sell for about £730 (body only) so i’m gussing probably around £800 for the 40D?

  7. Martin Nosworthy

    February 7, 2007 at 11:28 pm

    Mmm, I bought the 300D about 2 years ago. I was thinking of upgrading to the 30D for a while even though the specs weren’t quite what I wanted. I have decided to wait for a ??D with a minimum 12MP, 1.6x sensor & at least 5fps. In the meantime I am investing in good quality glass. The great thing is that the printable size from "XXX" amount of megapixels will always remain the same. We will not ultimately need 100MP sensors and 50 fps (at least not for consumer photography) – we may have them but we won’t need them!! Then my 300D with good glass will make a very decent backup camera.

  8. I love my Canon EOS 30D and feel that you anyone would be more than happy with it. Given that the 40D really doesn’t have a great deal more to offer based on anything that I have read thus far, I would not spend the extra for it! The 30D will come down in price and will be a great deal comparably.

  9. Dont forget that more pixels on the same size sensor means smaller pixels, which arent as sensitive to light (anyone who’s upgraded from a 350D to a 400D will know this!). I’m saving my pennies for the 5D instead – big sensor, big pixels!

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