I purchased the French maps for my PDA’s install of Tomtom last night, and left it downloading overnight. Turns out it requires 350M of space, which means the damn thing won’t fit onto the existing Tomtom SD card nor in the internal memory of the device. The details in Palm’s own knowledgebase neatly steps around giving me a clear answer as to whether I can use a 2GB card, and time is ticking.

Meantime, most of the online retailers I’ve tried for it are stiffing on postage or can’t deliver before Friday which cuts it a little fine for me. Looks like a trip to CCL may be in order. I’ll have a wander round Leeds too and see what I can find. Come to think of it, I only really need a gig one but it’d be nice to have the extra space if it’s going to be a matter of pennies; after all, one day I’ll need to put the Australian maps on there!

Update: Palm Support have been nice and proactive, and say yes I can use 2gig cards in the Palm TX. So it’s off to CCL I go o/